Our Industry Sectors

Traditional and Technical Textiles

We provide a diverse range of machinery designed to coat, transfer coat, laminate, impregnate or infuse textiles, films and foils, foams and high end composites. Amba provide an appraisal, design and engineering service which allows us to offer solutions to existing processing problems by supplying new process machinery and chemistry, or by improving what already exists by retrofitting new technology into older lines.

Our business provides processes to the traditional and technical textile sectors. We understand both sectors and can support our clients in start-up situations as well as those who are more established in the industries they serve.

We have a network of partners at our disposal, who through Amba Projex are able to provide the necessary chemistry and raw materials employed on our equipment. We can supply adhesive powders, flock, aqueous based chemistry, solvent based, PVC, hot melt adhesives and 100% solids systems and in many different forms including PSA, EVA, PUR, PAS, PES. We can provide various resin systems required for the production of prepreg composite materials.

We provide lines from 300 mm to 6000 mm in width and for the following processes;- general coating and stabilisation, flame retardant coatings, flocked products, production of blinds and blackout curtains, PVC coated fabrics, polyurethane coatings, interlinings, house-hold goods, medical, automotive, aerospace, military, marine, geosynthetics and for flooring products including carpets, tiles and artificial turf.

We supply industry, but we also supply research and development facilities and universities. We are able to provide pilot coating and lamination machinery and a range of laboratory sized proofing and testing equipment.


Our standard and custom designed composites machinery is extensive and is designed to accommodate carbon, aramids, glass and other materials including naturally occurring fibres like hemp and flax. The range covers everything from unwinding creels, conditioning and spreading elements feeding our processes, to hot melt resin film coating and prepreg equipment. We provide special purpose solutions for applications that include tow-preg, powder application and novel fibre spreading equipment.

From tow widths of a few millimetres to complex prepreg coating plants that are several metres wide, we can accommodate a range of resin types and technologies which include solvents, hot melts and epoxy systems. We are experienced and competent providers of equipment who are practised at working with woven substrates, multi- lane tapes, non-woven veils and numerous other materials used within the composites industry.

We provide unique prepreg proving machines and pilot scale equipment for the purpose of research and development specifically designed for composites. We provide a range of special purpose machinery and automation equipment for this important sector too.

The team at Amba have installed machinery for prepreg composites production in the UK, Europe, the USA, Australia, and Asia. We appreciate the importance of confidentiality in this ever changing highly competitive industry and we have earned the trust of a number of well-known operations to date.

Factory Automation

Amba Projex can automate your process. We employ high calibre conceptual special purpose design engineers proficient in 3D solid works CAD. We provide state of the art pneumatic, servo controlled and robotics solutions for all that a modern factory requires to reduce downtime, improve quality and increase productivity.

Our significant technical resource allows us to take ideas and drawing board concepts and turn them into reality using Amba Projex as your single point of connection for all that is required. We also fix and improve existing automated process lines.

We are able to assist in general industrial areas and also in high speed automation environments, more specifically, the automotive and aerospace industry, packaging, materials handling operations, textiles, composites, converting, the medical sector and the food and beverages industry.

Converting Machinery

We provide machines able to convert rolled goods which comprise of textiles, films, foils, foam, board, and paper, or flat and 3 dimensional components into other forms utilising a combination of our special purpose machinery design, coating, laminating and automation expertise.

We are not tied to one source for ancillary equipment and spares utilised on these machines and are therefore able to custom build solutions for our customers and can cater for a range of budgets. There are many well known brands producing critical products produced on our converting machines.